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With more than 20 years experience working within the oil & gas industry, Red Sea understands the needs of offshore operators.

To meet increasing demand, today's global oil & gas producers continue to seek technologically innovative and more cost-effective methods for exploring and extracting hydrocarbons, all while maintaining a strong focus on safety and environmental concerns. RedSea is prepared to help you meet these challenges head on. We offer a full array of greenfield and brownfield solutions to assist you with designing and safely managing your offshore assets, including fixed and floating platforms, FPSOs, pipelines and subsea systems.

We support clients throughout the entire asset lifecycle, from concept and FEED studies on to detailed design, construction and commissioning, operations & maintenance, through to decommissioning.

Quick Facts:

Res Sea has been involved in nearly 60% of the FPSOs currently in operation, and more than 30% of all deepwater platforms worldwide.

We are the largest contract labour provider in the Arabian gulf &Egypt and provide contract O&M personnel for production facilities in other global offshore locations, as well as assume complete duty holder responsibilities for customer assets.

Related Products & Services

  • EPCM
  • Concept & FEED studies
  • Detailed Engineering & Procurement
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Rotating Equipment Services
  • Specialist Services
  • Automation & Control
  • Commissioning
  • Flow Assurance
  • Integrity Management
  • Operational Assurance
  • Software
  • Training & Competency

Why Red Sea

Our global reach and broad range of engineering and production expertise are well suited to offshore facilities. Red Sea has world-leading positions in engineering for deepwater and lightweight topsides, subsea systems and pipelines. In addition, we are a market leader in the provision of facilities management, operations and maintenance


Red Sea  is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen across all areas of our business.
Every day, Red Sea strives to be its best. We aggressively pursue our goals to be a better employer, a better member of the community and a better service provider for our customers.
And it starts with our people: we are committed to attracting, developing and keeping the highest calibre people. Red Sea's culture empowers employees to conduct operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, to focus on providing the highest quality services and deliverables and to have opportunities to be active in their local communities. We're proud of the many ways we stand behind our employees to help them support organisational goals and become the best they possibly can be — on the job and in the to offshore oil & gas producers.


Quality and integrity management are key success factors in the delivery of our service to customers.
We consistently seek to enhance quality by application of continuous improvement practices. This is critical for the satisfaction and confidence of our customer base. By delivering high-quality services to our customers, we provide more than a service; we play a valuable role in assuring integrity management.
As part of our commitment to quality, we integrate quality principles in all aspects of our business procedures and have established monitoring and control processes. We encourage our businesses to adopt formal quality standards and achieve external accreditation. Currently, over 60 RedSea  businesses hold ISO 9001 accreditation and more than 20 also have received ISO 14001 and 18001 accreditation.
RedSea's Engineering division businesses all operate Quality Management Systems ("QMS") that conform to the principles of international and national standards and most have ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management accreditation. In addition, as part of a continuous improvement process an engineering excellence programme has been established across RedSea. Red Sea PSN also comprises businesses that are fully compliant with and accredited to ISO 9001:2008.
Red Sea GTS has undertaken a global programme to improve delivered quality and customer satisfaction through business process efficiency improvements and the deployment of standardised work practices. Its QHSE Management System meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, including policy, planning, implementation, operation, checking, improvement actions, and management review.
Red Sea service and product delivery aims to provide quality and asset integrity to our customers in a consistent and sustainable manner.

Operational Assurance

Red Sea's operational assurance planning begins at the earliest stages of a project.
Operational assurance is often considered to be the link between facility design and operational performance. Bottom line, it's all about preparation—proper planning for all aspects of a project from the beginning of front-end engineering and design results in a facility and team that are truly ready for operations.
At Red Sea, we employ an experienced team of operational assurance professionals equipped with hands-on industry expertise and an in-depth knowledge of production systems, equipment and other assets. Our team works to ensure that your oil & gas projects are developed—from FEED through final handover—with safety, production efficiency, cost effectiveness, asset integrity and future maintenance in mind. What's more, we support clients' needs in the areas of project and change management and business process development relative to operations & maintenance organisations.

Our operational assurance capabilities include:

  • Procedures & Technical Manuals (start-up, commissioning, O&M, training) Data collection & document management
  • Technical writing & illustration,Quality assurance & control Spare Part
  • Recommended spares parts list development
  • Physical inventory storage & preservation strategies
  • Warehouse planning & management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Criticality rankings
  • Reliability-centered maintenance & failure modes & effects studies
  • Preventive, predictive & corrective maintenance strategies
  • Maintenance procedures & job plan development
  • Interfaces, hosting & administration
  • Data quality assurance, collection, development & migration
  • Report development, Planning & scheduling
  • Be prepared. Let Red Sea's operational assurance solutions help you be truly ready for safe, effective and reliable operations.

Rotating Equipment Services

Red Sea is a market leader in providing integrated solutions for the maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade rotating equipment for both the oil & gas and power generation industries.
Red Sea has the experience necessary to manage your assets by providing all support services that will enable safe, reliable and cost effective operation. You can focus on managing your business while we take responsibility for the operation and system reliability of your rotating equipment, applying our industry leading technical expertise, QHSE procedures and management processes.

We supporting a wide range of equipment from most major OEMs, including:

  • Gas turbines-Steam turbines-Pumps-Compressors-Gearboxes
  • Power turbines-Reciprocating engines-Diesel engines
  • Controls and instrumentation-Ancillaries and accessories
  • Major Maintenance Services
  • With in-house capabilities ranging from component repair and spare parts supply through to full workshop and in-field overhaul, Red Sea has the experience to address and meet the challenges that are unique to your operations. We deliver value-added services to improve the performance and reliability of your rotating equipment. Our core services include:Capital spare part supply services including new and used serviceable parts.
  • Advanced technology component repair services for gas turbine part restoration
  • Global field services available on both a planned and call-out basis
  • Gas turbine overhaul services delivered on-site or from certified workshops
  • Monitoring and diagnostics including predictive maintenance services to improve the performance and reliability of your turbomachinery
  • Accessory repair programmes for fuel nozzles, end covers, and oil and air systems
  • Control System design, manufacture, integration and installation services

Why Red Sea Group

Whatever your location or scale of operation, we apply more than 20 years of management and field service experience in oil & gas and power plant operations to deliver maintenance solutions focused on improving the availability of your critical rotating equipment to minimize production downtime.
Our technicians and engineers have significant experience of managing mature equipment and are skilled in applying the latest technologies to extend the life cycle of your assets and optimize productivity. Our global presence and established network of supply chain partners will ensure you have a reliable maintenance partner wherever you are in the world.

RED SEA MARINE SERVCES (R.M.S.) is a Marine Chartering and Towage Company based in Cairo, Egypt, founded 1990. R.M.S. is a young, dynamic company started with just 1 barge, and is now managing a number of vessels for their owners, and employs with her sister company in Dubai around 200 full & part time staff.

Tugs and Workboats

R.M.S. managing a wide variety of tugs and workboats, from small runabouts to large ocean going tugs.
R.M.S.’s specialized vessels such as multicast and workboats are mainly utilized for on-site operations such as personnel transport and delivery of consumables, spare parts, etc. around site. RMS. have a number of vessels suited to shallow water areas.


R.M.S. managing a variety of barges suited to specific customer needs - from straight forward flat-top barges to self-propelled spud barges to offshore work platforms with 8 point mooring, accommodation, workshop and communications. The company has sidewall, stanchions, ramps, winches, spuds and accommodation / workshop / office modules available to fit most barges. Barges are available in a wide variety of lengths, widths and deadweights.


Depending on the nature of work, all barges can be fitted with 4 – 6 – 8 mooring systems / sidewalls / stanchions / ramps / spuds / crane tracks / concreted decks / accommodation units / office, mess room, kitchen or bathroom modules / etc. which can be installed or fabricated, as required, at R.M.S. yard.
R.M.S. managing a wide variety of winches (100+) ranging from 1 ton to 200 ton. To complement this, the company also owns 100+ anchors ranging from ± 50 kg to 10 ton.

We are proud to have served and serve the following industries.

Diving and Salvage

R.M.S. works( Via Her Sister company in Dubai ) with various diving and salvage companies in the Gulf on projects such as laying fish farms, installing SBM  inspection of subsea pipelines and cables, salvage of sunken craft and marine vessels, and installation of artificial reefs. 

Hydrographic / Survey work

Work with survey companies has included; dredging in and out surveys, hydrographic surveys of coastal areas for local and international agencies; installation of measuring equipment in surf and tidal areas; soil investigations and positioning services.

Oilfield and Gas Industry

RMS wants to increase its work in this area, working with a range of top class multi-national players. Jobs undertaken range from straight forward supply of equipment to rigs, to complex installation of heavy lift components Off-shore, and loading/offloading facilities On-shore.

Sub sea Cable and Pipelines

R.M.S. can provide equipments, personnel and expertise for pipe and cable laying and installation projects in the region.

General Towage and Transport

R.M.S. also does a large number of towages each year around the Gulf, Gulf of Oman, and Indian Ocean and in the Red Sea, generally of barges loaded with heavy, voluminous equipment in conjunction with heavy lift providers.

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