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We have 18 years experience of creating tailored, hand-delivered, food solutions on time and always with a personal touch.
We have off shore world wide catering for moving ship and project ships more than 10 years experience.
It's what we love and it's what we are.

We are a small team that works closely with our partners, taking pride in our food, showing a lust for quality raw ingredients and attention to detail in our delivery.
We buy all kind of food wherever possible and produce quality food in our state-of-the-art kitchen in the heart of the City of Cairo.
We import most of our items from European supplier.
We dealing with well knowing approved supplier for the local items. specially vegetables & fruits from the export company
Leading our team of highly talented chefs is, our food director. An accomplished chef   is a food development specialist, as well as a former TV chef.

Delivered food an expert in food, venue and events solutions. Also within the group are, RED SEA MARINE general trading which provides food and venue management services; Seasoned Events for contract and outside catering;
At Home for high end catering; Piggott's for marquees, flags, branding and festive lighting;

Types of services

Given the breadth of our expertise, and the flexibility of our business, we can provide a wide range of catering services that will suit your exacting requirements.
Below is an overview of the type of catering we can provide. Remember, we can tailor our solutions to suit you, so give us a call to talk through your requirements.
Corporate catering/food delivery
We pride ourselves on total flexibility, so whatever the size or nature of the clients’ operation, we are pleased to adapt services to fit in with the requirements and to suit the unique conditions of Individual projects.
 By offering the highest quality business catering, from three course meals to buffet menus and food platters, Red sea has, over the last 18 years, earned the reputation as one of the Capital’s leading business caterers.

Private catering/food delivery

We provide event planning and catering, and are one of Dubai/Cairo's top outside and party caterers providing food for breakfast events, cocktail parties and much more.
Fruit platters. We provide fruit platters for any occasion, such as a business lunch, conference, and more frequently, as a regular healthy option for your team in their workplace. We can deliver individual cut fruit and fruit skewers for your team to eat on a daily basis, which is a fantastic way of ensuring they are energised for those late afternoon meetings.Staff and item hire , We are part of the Red sear, which means that we can offer you a full range of extra services, ranging from marquee hire, lighting, location and event management, and high calibre staff. We also provide linen in a wide range of colours to match your style and theme, so please phone for more information.

I.Petroleum Field:

Supplying oil and gas companies on both onshore and offshore assignments, Red Sea Catering can provide all the necessary utilities and support services essential to camp life.
Whether the contract supports a small exploratory rig or a large construction project with
Workforce of many thousand, we apply the same high standards and attention to detail.

II.Staff Feeding:

In today's corporate world, more and more companies realize the advantages of providing staff catering facilities.
As sound commercial practice it can create a congenial atmosphere for discussing business, benefit industrial relations, act as an incentive to prospective employees, and bolster a corporate image.
Our renowned adaptability is clearly evident in this sector where catering can range from self-service cafeteria to first class waiter service in executive dining suites on either a day-to-day basis or for special functions. Whatever the type of service, our clients know that we remain
Customers focused and respond directly to their requirements.

III.Health Care:

The unique conditions of a hospital or nursing home environment make extra demands on this type of commercial operation.
Food must not only be prepared in a totally hygienic environment and to a very high standard, but also be synchronized to the special dietary needs of individual people.

VI. Manpower Supply:

To be successful in projects, it is necessary to deploy qualified and experienced personnel.
RED SEA, as a supplier of manpower, can provide you with just such personnel.

We can assist your company in finding, at a fair price, skilled & unskilled manpower for your specific needs.
Personnel selected on two main criteria; technical ability and human relation skills, which to be distinguished by highly mobile and adaptable Personnel.
Our presence on the ground puts First Class Manpower supply division in a strategic position to respond immediately and effectively to your business needs.



1.1) Foodstuffs / food ingredients, vegetables and fruits are purchased only from approved suppliers.
1.2) The Company Hygiene Officer is inspecting the supplier’s premises before approving the supplier and a Supplier guarantee is issued.
1.3) The food materials are transported in thermo-controlled vehicles or trucks with required temperature.
1.4) The non-compliances are returned to the suppliers and the same is recorded in the Raw material Non compliance Document.
1.5) Purchase Manager is responsible for the above activity and all data correspondences related to purchase are recorded in the “Purchase Documents”.


2.1) Deliveries are accepted after inspecting by the Receiving Supervisors.
2.2) The Receiving Supervisor checks the date of production and best before date, temperature [chilled or frozen goods] Pest damage or infestation.
2.3) Fruits and vegetables are accepted at 8 C or below.
2.4) Frozen products are accepted at -18C or below.
2.5) Chilled goods are accepted at 5C or below.
2.6) Rusted, blown, dented, or damaged canned goods are not accepted.
2.7) Trolleys / utensils / containers used for the receipt of storage or distribution of goods are kept thoroughly clean and dry.
2.8) Raw materials, which does not comply the company’s requirement, are rejected and recorded in the “Rejection Register”.
2.9) The Store In-Charge is responsible for the above activity and the same is recorded in the “Material Receiving Register”.


3.1) All received items are checked in accordance with the codes of good catering practice.
3.2) Materials are identified, isolated, labelled and sent to respective dry, chill, and frozen storages.
3.3) All food items are stored on racks or shelves.
3.4) New stocks are placed behind/beneath older stocks in dry, chill, and frozen storages.
3.5) Dry goods store is checked weekly, for signs of infestations and "best before and use by" dates, where applicable.
3.6) Chilled goods are checked daily for quality and "use by" dates. Frozen goods are checked weekly.
3.7) canned foods are checked for the labelling instructions and stored at recommended temperatures.
3.9) Flour sacks are stored on the plastic pallets and inspected at regular intervals for signs of discoloration and infestation.
3.10) Vegetables and fruits are stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated storeroom and temperature is maintained at 1-4 oC.
3.11) Frozen products are stored at –18 oC or below and kept covered or wrapped to avoid freezer burn and other quality problems.
3.12) All dry and wet items are stored 15 cms away from the walls and ceilings.
3.13) Frozen storage and chillers temperature are recorded in the “Temperature Monitoring Record”.
3.14) The Storekeeper is responsible for the above activity and records the same in the “Stock Register.” The Quality controller verifies the system.


4.1) Number of meals and menu detail lists are prepared for the day’s production and required butchery items, food ingredients, fruits and vegetables are calculated.
4.2) Frozen items, particularly raw meat, fish and poultry products are taken from the frozen storage and thawed in the chill room or thawing tanks with running water facility.
4.3) Food contact surfaces are sanitized, clean and dry utensils; containers, chopping boards and knives are kept ready for preparation.
4.4 Sanitized vegetables and other raw / thawed butchery items are chopped to required sizes and kept ready.
4.5) Marinating food items are separated well in advance; ingredients are applied, kept in the chill room (1-4 oC) for specified time frame and allowed to get marinated.
4.6) Salads are prepared from strictly sanitized and chopped leafy vegetables, lettuce and tomatoes, with other ingredients.
4.7) Prepared salads are immediately kept in the chill room (1-4 oC) to avoid any type of bacterial multiplication.
4.8) Sandwiches are prepared from fresh breads, with chopped leafy vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, thoroughly cooked meat, poultry and eggs.
4.9) Sandwiches are filled / prepared in small batches for wrapping and kept in a chill room (1-4 oC).
4.10) Cakes and other bakery items are prepared from sifted flour, sanitized eggs, softened butter and other cream / vanilla / chocolate / strawberry flavours are used.
4.11) Prepared cake mix is baked at 180 to 220 oC.
4.12) Short and sweet pastries are made by flour, butter, margarine, and fat.
4.13) Fresh fruits are cut / chopped, to prepare fruit salads and desserts.
4.14) The Chef is responsible for the above activity and the same is monitored by the Quality Controller.


5.1) Foods are cooked thoroughly to ensure that the core temperature of the food items reached above 75 oC.
5.2) The products are baked at 180-220 oC and the core temperature of the product reaches about 100 oC for several minutes.
5.3) Set time and temperatures are strictly followed during cooking / baking process.
5.4) Carcasses, joints of meat and poultry items are adequately cooked to reach the core temperature above 75 oC uniformly.
5.5) Lids are kept on pans to retain heat and ensure the pans are not exposed to cold air or draughts.
5.6) Calibrated Thermometers with probes are used to check the core temperature of the cooked food items and digital thermo monitors are used to monitor baking temperature.
5.7) The Chefs are responsible for the above processes and the same is recorded in the “Time & temperature chart – processing”.


6.1) Foods are cooked in bulk quantities.
6.2) Portioned food quantities are kept on cleaned and sanitised utensils.
6.3) The portioned foods are either send for packing or sent to hot / cold holdings.
6.4) While handling the cooked foods, high-level of hygienic standards are followed.
6.5) The Chef is responsible for the above activity


7.1) Cooked foods are covered at all times, except when being packed.
7.2) The hot cabinets or cupboards or bain-marie are preheated to a temperature, which will maintain the food above 65 oC.
7.3) Cooked and portioned foods are transferred to a hot cabinet or cupboard or bain-marie.
7.4) The core temperature of the food in hot cabinets or cupboards or bain-marie is checked periodically, using a probe thermometer to ensure 65 oC or above all over.
7.5 The Chefs are responsible for the above process and the same is recorded in the “Hot cabinet temperature monitoring record”.


8.1) Cooked and chilled foods are covered at all times, except when being packed.
8.2) Chillers or cold cupboards are pre-chilled to a temperature, which is maintaining the food between 1 - 4 oC.
8.3) Cooked and chilled foods are maintained to temperature between 1 - 4 oC in the chillers.
8.4) Ice creams are stored in the freezer at -18 oC or below and served frozen.
8.5) The Chef is responsible for the above process and the same is recorded in the
“Chillers temperature monitoring record”.


9.1) Cooked and portioned foods are packed in such a way that does not allow temperatures to loosen fast.
9.2) A thin food grade polythene sheets or films / tin or aluminium foils are used for packing.
9.3) The above packaging materials are covered on the rim of the vessels and the vessels are kept inside the reefer boxes
9.4) These boxes are directly loaded in to the transport vehicles and ready for transportation.
9.5) High level of hygienic standards is maintained during packing.
9.6) The Packing Supervisor is responsible for the above activity.


10.1) Packed foods containing insulated boxes are loaded in to clean well-sanitized and hygienically maintained company owned vehicles.
10.2) The initial temperatures of the foods are noted at the time of loading and arrival temperatures are noted at the time of delivery.
10.3) The food boxes are kept or arranged inside the vehicle in such a way that does not cross contaminate the foods.
10.4) Well experienced and trained staffs are handling the foods during transportation to avoid any type of contamination of the food items.
10.5) The Location In-charge is responsible for the above activity and the same is ensured by the Company Representative at the service point and documented in
“Food temperature record - service”.
Impartible with the environment.

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